Range Facilities

The HSC offers all disciplines of shotgun, rifle and pistol.

Rifle and Pistol ranges

Sun Valley Rifle Range

West Side Rifle and Pistol Range: We offer various paper and steel targets from 3 yards out to 1,450 yards. Patrons can shoot up to 50 BMG. (no 50BMG on steel).

** NO GREEN TIP AMMO (steel core penetrator/M855 etc). You will be fined and/or removed/banned from property. **

Rifle Range COST:

  • Non-Members: $25.00/day (Adults), $12 for kids (16 and under)
    • Note: You can also utilize our pistol pits if available
  • Members: FREE

Hurtig Pistol Ranges

NEW!! East Side Pistol Pits: Handgun Only. We offer paper and steel targets from 1 yards out to approx. 25 yards. This range is open year round but portions may be closed during sporting clay range use. Check with HSC management for reservations and details 208-788-2681

Pistol Pit COST:

  • Non-Members: $25.00/day (Adults), $12 for kids (16 and under)
    • Note You can also utilize our rifle range if available
  • Members: FREE


Allows 5 people to shoot multiple traps from various positions and shooting clays at various angles. 

Cost: $11 non-member, $7 members per round/25

Shotgun Trap


Trap is the "gold standard" of shotgun shooting. We offer standard trap, wobble trap and doubles trap.

Cost: $11 non-member, $7 members per round/25


Skeet offers HSC patrons a realistic hunting simulation

Cost: $11 non-member, $7 Members Per Round/25

Hurtig Sporting Clays Shotgun

Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is the most difficult and most realistic discipline of shotgun. Walk through a seven-station course, shooting at targets designed to mimic typical bird flights. Bring your friends and try "golf with a shotgun"! All stations use keyless/wireless remote controls. Course set up changes frequently to create diversity and challenge.

Cost: $25 non-members, $16 members per round