Provide a safe recreational shooting experience for members and guests, that is our goal.

Members and guests are able to enjoy a wide range of shooting activities. At HSC we have a rifle and pistol range, 5-stand, trap, wobble, skeet and sporting clays.

Range hours

   Wednesday - Sunday 10 am-5 pm

705 Ohio Gulch
Hailey, ID 83333
(208) 788-2681



We have a few pairs of sunglasses left by customers. If this is you please give us a call at (208) 788-2681 or come on down and pick them up. Thank you


We have more Seal 1 Clp back in stock!

comes in a liquid, paste, and aerosol can.

Thank you!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our first raffle. The people who donated gear and participated greatly helped the club.

Raffle Winners

  • PWS 300 BLK- Larry Keefe and sons
  • 5000 Rds. 22LR Subsonic Ammo- John McDonald
  • Winchester 12 gauge shotgun shells- Bill Stratton
  • 300 Weatherby Vanguard Rifle- Ed Dumke
  • 1000 Rds 45 ACP Ammo- Luis Sanchez
  • 223FMJ 62 gr Ammo- Mike Leach

We are having a new raffle!

  • Gemtech subsonic .22LR 5,000rds
  • PWS MK1 .223/5.56
  • .223 Ammo
  • Scope (Leupold)
  • Kryptek Camo
  • 300 weatherby
  • Shotgun Shells 12 or 20 gauge
  • Women's conceal vest
  • 1911 (Chrome)

MEmber sale on ESS Sunglasses!

All members of Hurtig Shooting Center will receive 40% off of ESS eyewear. Come to the club to check out what we have in stock!

upcoming Events(call or check calendar for more info)

July 15th: Warrior wednesdays 

July 18th: 50% off machine guns

July 26th: Practical/Tactical match: 8:00am-1:00pm

August 16th: BBQ 12:00-3:00

Rifles and Pistols for Rent

The Hurtig Shooting Center will soon be offering rentals of handguns and rifles from manufacturers such as Glock, HK, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, Sig Sauer, Noveske, POF, Colt, and many others.  We will be stocking ammunition for rifles and pistols as well.


For $40 an hour you can experience the fire power behind a fully automatic weapon. We have the MP5A2 and the Noveske M4A1. Since these machines are fully automatic we will provide the ammunition at a small fee. Price per magazine are based on which weapon you choose to fire.( $14 per mag for the MP5A2 and $20 per mag for the Noveske M4A1)Check the calendar for special deals and events.



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