Youth Shooting Program

What:   A youth shotgun sports group program to teach safe firearm handling and the games of trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Clay target shooting is a lifetime sport, similar to tennis or golf. The game of sporting clays is often called "Golf with a shotgun".

Ages:   5th grade through high school.

Mission:   To foster and grow a youth competitive clay target shooting team in a safe and fun-filled atmosphere. We encourage camaraderie, and emphasize safe, responsible behavior.

Coaches:   All of our coaches certified shotgun teachers, and hold the safety and enjoyment of the kids in highest priority.

Practice:   We will hold practice every Sunday @ 2pm at the Hurtig Shooting Center. there are no attendance requirements. Some of the students will desire to participate in competitive events, and will want to practice on a regular basis to improve their skills. Others may prefer to come monthly for the fun factor.

The team, students, coaches, and volunteers will all be registered with USAYESS (USA Youth Education in Shooting Sports), which provides liability and accidental medical insurance.

Cost: $25 dollar annual membership fee to belong the USAYESS. The approximate cost to shoot two rounds of trap or skeet (50 shells) is $22, including ammunition.

Equipment: Eye and ear protection are REQUIRED. Glasses and headphones can be bought cheaply online or at a sporting goods store, and we have a couple pairs of loaner glasses. A shotgun is needed. We have a few loaner guns to get students started, but more serious shooters will eventually purchase their own or borrow a relative's. Maybe Grandpa's old gun?

For more information:

Call Sid Tomlinson @ 208-447-9125 or email tomlinson.operating@gmail.com