Hurtig PRO Shop

Hurtig has a fully stocked pro shop with a wide variety of offerings including rental guns, ammunition, targets, premium protective eyewear, shooting bags, slings and other accessories. These items are hand selected and available at great prices.


Rental guns

Hurtig has a complete line of Sporting Shotguns available for use on property. These shotguns are available in both 12 and 20 gauge with models including Autoloading, Pump-Action and Single shot variations. 

Shotgun Rental Pricing: $10/member, $15/non-member

Ammunition is in stock!

We carry a full line of ammunition from major vendors in a wide assortment of calibers. We will do our best to beat local competitors prices on ammo. Prices are per box and current as of August 11th, 2016.

  • 12/20 Gauge Shotgun: $7.50/member, $12.50/non-member.
  • 22 Long Rifle: $11/member, $15/non-member
  • 380: $20/member, $24/non-member
  • 9mm: $12/member, $15/non-member
  • 40 Ca: $16/Member, $18/non-member
  • 45 ACP: $20/member, $25/non-member
  • .223/5.56: $12/member, $14/non-member
  • 300 Blackout: $24/member, $26/non-member


MEMBER SALE ON ESS Premium Eye Protection & Sunglasses

All members of Hurtig Shooting Center will receive a 40% discount on ESS Eyewear. ESS is Ballistic Rated for Impacts and provides an incredible level of protection to your eyes while on and off the range. The Hurtig PRO Shop has the complete line in stock including Ballistic Sunglasses, Shooting Glasses and Goggles. ESS Eyewear is generous supporter of the Hurtig Shooting Center and is headquartered right here in Hailey, ID!