International Defensive Pistol Association

IDPA Sun Valley Ketchum

What is IDPA?

IDPA, or International Defensive Pistol Association, is a practical pistol style of competition that utilizes standard off the shelf handguns and holsters and simulates "real world" self-defense scenarios. Timers, movement and creative stage design help to provide exciting and engaging experiences where participants can compete against one another in a safe and organized environment. IDPA is truly an international sport and there are currently more than 20,000 members in more than 50 different countries competing worldwide.

Hurtig will be hosting IDPA clinic's in April to help people prepare for the seasons first match. Refreshers will may be held throughout the season based on demand. Please sign up to the email list to be notified.

When do we run matches?

Matches will take place the first Saturday of each month beginning in May of 2018. Hurtig Shooting Center (HSC) is an official IDPA club (# CL117846 ).  When in doubt, check the HSC calendar for scheduled matches.

  • Setup: 7:30am (Help is encouraged!)
  • Registration: 8am
    • Match Fee: $20
  • Duration: 3.5 hours (est)

Hurtig 2018 IDPA Event Schedule

First Saturday of the month beginning in April (weather dependent) and running through November. Please view the Hurtig Calendar for dates and sign up for our email list for notifications.


2017 IDPA Rule Book
Gear List:
    • Jacket / Vest for Concealment
    • Sturdy Belt
    • Strong side holster worn on belt line. Duty setups ok if LEO. (No Appendix/Serpa etc.)
    • Ability to carry 2 magazines on your belt
    • Modern Revolver or Semi-Auto Pistol
    • 3 Magazines
    • Approximately 100-150 rounds of standard power ammunition (if you purchased from Hurtig Pro Shop or a Gun Store you will be fine)
  • IDPA Member Registration (Be sure to mention our Club #CL117846 during signup!) - $40/yr
    • Not quite sure if this is for you? You can shoot up to 3 matches before becoming an IDPA member.
  • Questions?