State of the Club

Greetings and Merry Christmas!

On behalf of myself, my fellow HSC Board members and staff, I am writing this to inform you about the progress made and overall wonderful year at the Club.

This year we were fortunate and hired long time Club member, Ed Terrazas, as our Club Manager. Ed has brought his considerable management skills, his talent as an architect, and his enthusiasm for all things related to shooting to do this job. This past summer, Ed, Chase Thomas, Lee Fieguth and Tom Powell and 12 others completed their Level One Shotgun Instructors certification. Ed has numerous other NRA instructor qualifications as well. Ask him!

With the support of our Board, a select group of generous members, and the fantastic support from our corporate sponsors, most notably Silver Creek Outfitters, Gemtech, Tactical Solutions, Primary Weapons Systems, Kryptek, Odin, ESS, MGM Targets, SPEAR Tactical and others, our summer raffle fund raiser was a great success. We raised more than $22,000, which gave us the leverage we needed to update all of the machines on the Sporting Clay range, wireless controls, and two new machines for the Skeet houses.

We have created, with a big push from Ed, four pistol pits at the east end of our property, where we can get double use from that end of the range. A donor has generously pledged to provide more steel reactive targets. Our wonderful neighbor, Joe’s Backhoe, did the grading work at a great discount to meet the donation of another generous Club member.

We have more improvements and developments planned for 2017, which will make Hurtig Shooting Center even more unique and special. Keep your eye on our website for progress and news.

We are approaching that time of year when our annual lease payment is due to the State, which is a bigger number each year. We would greatly appreciate a rapid response with your dues payments. 

Anticipating that, I thank you all, and thank you for your support on an ongoing basis.

With kind regards,

Dennis Kavanagh
HSC Board President